I didn’t think it would make a difference

Hi, my name is Sarah Neil and I have suffered ongoing pain since a major car accident some 10 years ago.  Pain killers and remedies have only just scratched the surface across that time and there were many days when that pain stopped me from functioning fully in many areas of my life.
I underwent surgery and shoulder reconstruction with surgical pinning to help retain some use in my right arm.  Managing pain was my daily chore.

Picking up and wearing the magnetic bracelet was a last ditch stand and I didn’t really believe it would make a difference. How wrong was I?

Within an hour of wearing the bracelet I noticed that there was a warm sort of tingling going up my right arm. As the day wore on I began to feel the nagging pain just lessening and I had the best night’s sleep I have had in 10 years.  As I have continued to wear the bracelet every day I am more and more amazed and I am now taking about ten percent of the pain relief that I was taking before the bracelet.

This bracelet is my most treasured gift to myself, and if there’s anyone out there in the pain world, struggling, as I was… please try this magnet therapy. I have my life back, and can sleep through the night every night.  Thankyou magnets, thank you Cameron for suggesting this treatment for me.

I would happily and highly recommend these products to anyone, everyone who is looking to lessen the pain in their lives.