Pain relief using Magnetic Bracelets for men

expandable-magnetic-bracelets-for-menBoy Magnetic Bracelets for men have really changed since I started in doorway No.7 at Parklea Markets way back in 1999. Those days the awareness of the benefits of magnetic therapy was fairly low, and to honest the average Australian male would rather cut his hand off than wear a magnetic bracelet and receive the benefits of magnetic pain relief.

The early versions were extremely plain and generally just looked like a watch band. This also suited the average male of the time that would worry that anything too flashy on his hand would be considered gay. For me on the other side of the sales table. There was always the question of how much are you in to  want  the benefits of magnetic pain relief?


Today both the awareness and range of magnetic bracelets for me have advance so much. Men can now wear a magnetic bracelet that are both very stylish and therapeutic at the same time.  Gone are the cheap nickel magnetic bracelets which have been replaced by stainless steel which are both classy and extremely hardy and will last for years.



Years ago I had a range of over a hundred magnetic bracelets which would sometimes be daunting when it comes to choose time, so today I have refined the list down to my best twenty that are good to look at and provide you with the results you desire. So men what have you got to loose. Ladies buy the man you love a magnetic bracelet, the gift that keeps on giving.  Click here to view my magnetic therapy products

Who am I?  My name’s Cameron and I have been helping people reduce their pain using magnetic bracelet therapy since 1999. You may remember  displays set up in your local shopping centre selling magnetic therapy products, well that could have been me you spoke to.

May people ask me “Does magnetic therapy work”? to which I reply yes it does. Nothing works 100% for everyone but it works for most. Read some of my success stories

I was one of the pioneers in the industry of magnetic pain relief.
Whether you believe magnetic therapy works or not, I urge you to try it and find out for yourself.
You can’t lose (except maybe your bothersome pain) because all buyers are covered with my
30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

If my magnetic bracelets don’t work for you, I don’t want to keep your money.
So ORDER TODAY, and you could be receiving the benefits of magnetic pain relief in a very short time.

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