About Magnetic Therapy

We have created a list of questions that we are frequently asked about our products. If there isn't an answer you are looking for then feel free to drop us an email on info@livingmagnets.com.au

I have heard Magnetic Therapy only works on the placebo effect, is this true?

The placebo effect is said to account for 12% to 18% of all clinical pharmaceutical tests, including surgical operations. There are numerous studies that show 76% to 92% success rate using Magnetic Therapy which is far ahead of just a placebo effect. Animals are not subject to placebo effect and magnets are use successfully on animals for a range of different conditions. Magnetic therapy has been used by vets on thoroughbred race horses for decades, in fact, often magnetic pain relief may work faster on animals than it's said to on humans.

I am taking XYZ medication will it be adversely affected by Magnetic therapy?

No it won't. Magnetic Therapy evidence has shown it to be totally compatible with all pharmaceutical products.    

What if I have stainless steel pins or plates?

There is no issue with internal metal inserts and magnets. We have chosen our Stainless steel and titanium bracelets so they will not react with the human body.

How many magnets are in your products?

Our bracelets come with varying number magnets though this is decreased when links are taken out of the bracelet. Efficiency is not usually diminished by taking only a few magnets out of your bracelet. uses magnets of up to 2,000 gauss.

How long will the magnets last?

Be confident that you'll get many years of use from your magnetic bracelet. The magnets in the magnetic bracelets do not lose their magnetic field. 

Can my magnetic bracelet be used in conjunction with an electric blanket?

Yes, it can.

Can I wear a magnetic bracelet if I have a pacemaker.

No. The two can interfere with one another.

Can anyone use a magnetic bracelet?

Everyone except those who have a pacemaker.

How long will it be before I notice any effects?

This is a general rule. 70% of users may get results in 2 to 4 hours. A further 20% could take 2 – 3 weeks. The last 10% may take longer. Remember intake of adequate pure water will optimise the benefits. It iis primarily dependent upon many factors including the type of complaint and how long it has been suffered. Magnetic Therapy does not work for everyone but it works for most.

What can I expect when I first start using my magnetic bracelet?

Some may find their wrists getting a bit warmer or experiencing a tingling sensation. You may consider this a positive sign. Some people do not feel anything when you put the bracelet on and will still in time experience temporary pain relief.

Is there any discomfort or side effects associated with wearing a magnetic bracelet?

Lesser quality products (not our own) may cause a rash on the arm from the metal. A very small percentage of users may experience an increase in their complaint. If you're this occurs, don't worry, this is considered a positive and will usually lasts no longer than 2 - 5 days.

How can I optimise the benefits of my magnetic bracelets?
  • Drink 2 – 3 litres of pure water per day, (preferably without chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals.
  • Engage in regular light exercise, starting with walking daily to aid blood flow – if you are extremely unfit, start with 10 minutes, then add 5 minutes to your daily walking routine ever 3 days.
  • Be sure that your body is absorbing nutrients by taking an acidophylos tablet daily for a month as many ailments can be attributed to pour gut health. Acidophyillus will regenerate your intestines ability to digest, leading to significant of release of toxins that may be causing the issue.
  • Sufferers from serious conditions should always seek professional medical advice.
Do I have to wear the magnets continuously?

Magnet therapy reacts differently for different people in varying ways. Just try and see what works best for you! The more you wear your magnetic bracelets the more therapeutic they will be.

How do I achieve the best fit with my magnetic bracelets on my wrists?

It is best to remove several links from the bracelets till they fit comfortably and snugly to the wrist, similar to a watch. They will still work effectively loosely around your wrist, as the magnets are strong enough to have an influence on the blood circulation several millimetres away from the skin.

Does the bangle have to touch the skin?


Can I wear my bangle on the same wrist as my watch?

Yes. Be careful NOT to place a magnet exactly over the very small area of your watch battery. In the rare instance that the watch does stop, as soon as the magnet is removed the watch will begin to work again. You can safely wear a bangle or well-fitted bracelet next to your watch.

Are there any contraindications (cases where magnetic bracelets should not be worn)?
  • They should not be worn with a pacemaker.
  • Pregnant women should consult with their physician first.
How strong are the magnets in Living Magnets bracelets?

They are normally 2000 Gauss per magnet (unless otherwise stated) with the north polarity facing towards the body. Gauss is a measure of the number of lines of magnetic strength which cross a square centimetre. Clinical tests in Japan have shown that 500 Gauss is the minimum to have significant effects.

Are there scientific studies on magnetic therapy

There are studies referenced at the end of this particular question below –

Originally known as Magnetite – There are historical records of the benefits of magnetic therapy since Cleopatra and Celtic times up till present time.

More recently static magnets have been studied for a range of varying clinical health benefits.;The Most common studies have shown benefits for the

  • Locomotor system
  • joints
  • Neurological systems
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Wound Healing

The efficacy of magnets appears to depend on

  • Which polarity faces the body, and
  • Magnetic Strength
  • The level of deterioration of the clients health before beginning the study.

Living Magnets Bracelets have a surface magnetic strength of approximately 2000 gauss and are worn with the north (I.e., the negative) pole facing the skin.

Studies have proven:

  • Improved microcirculation (improved blood flow in the very small blood vessels)
  • Anti- inflammatory effect – magnetic power can promote the release of cortisol, an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • An anti-inflammatory effect is also often accompanied by pain relief
  • Magnetic power can inhibit the flow of energy in the pain channels, significantly reducing pain perception in the brain
  • Magnet therapy can influence the central nervous system
  • Magnet Therapy does not appear to have any particular side effects and doses of pain relieving drugs can often be reduced when Magnetic Therapy is used


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